Day 11

Started learning Material UI for React. Compiled and ran darknet(yolov3 and yolov3-tiny) with OpenCV. Also looked into source code of PublicLab.Editor and made a mock server, supporting source map, to run the editor locally.

Day 10

Continued learning React using TypeScript. Installed CUDA, ran it under bumblebee and compiled darknet to run YOLO object detection. Tried compiling darknet with OpenCV but to no avail. Will try it again tomorrow. I also setup TV shows in my emby server.

Day 9

Read more about RTL-SDR and some hobby projects using RTL-SDR. Practiced React concepts, like React’s Lifecycle Methods, optimizing re-renders, inline styling, dynamically rendered elements to give them a place in muscle memory. Also learned about using TypeScript in a React app via webpack.

Day 8

Today I played more with node-addon-api, building Node.js native addons. I also studied about Radio telescopes, using a cheap RTL-SDR dongle to receive live radio signals in the area and receiving NOAA weather satellite images via RTL-SDR dongle.

Day 7

Initially, I made a Node.js C++ addon without ABI stability. Then I learned about Node.js N-API, which is a C API that ensures ABI stability across Node.js versions. I used node-addon-api which is a C++ wrapper to N-API, to make a native addon.

Day 6

Today I learned to setup React app with Babel and webpack from scratch. I also studied opencvjs for the next project.

Day 5

Today was more of a leisure day but learning continued. I learned setting up Babel and webpack in React and scaffolding a React project using create-react-app cli.

Day 4

Today I continued learning intricacies of React. I studied about Forms in React, Controlled Components, lifting shared state up to the closest common ancestor, composition of components and more importantly thinking and way of designing an app in React. Next up I plan on learning code-splitting in React, using create-react-app CLI, configuring Babel and webpack and following an online tutorial to build up a React web app.

Day 3

I continued learning React and building concepts from Getting Started guide on React’s documentation. JSX, Components and Props, conditional rendering, state object and lifecycle methods, list rendering are the topics that I studied today.

Day 2

Added 100DaysOfCode section in blog website.