About Us

"Every word is not an abbreviation". Zap! is a team of four members passionate about their work, exploring new domains of technology. We are Computer Science students pursuing B.Tech from Northern India Engineering College, Delhi. We all love to implement our theoretical knowledge into real life, learning along the way. We love to write blogs on what we learn and experiment. We represented India at Oulu HealthHack in Finland. Currently, we are on #100Days of Code Challenge.

Team Members

Rishabh Kr Bothra
Web Developer, Open Source Contributor, Competitive Programmer
I am a Web Developer and an Open source contributor. I love building stuff and implement my theoretical knowledge into practical. I am a mentor at PublicLabs and also was a GoogleCode-in mentor from the same organization. I have build projects like a telegram bot to tell demographic features, Krishi++ which is used for yield prediction with my other team members.
Rishabh Chauhan (RC)
Web Developer, Competitive Programmer
I am a Web Developer with experience in DevOps. Learning new concepts in the field of computer science is what drives my passion. I believe in applying theoretical knowledge to real life which helps in the cherishing beauty of Engineering. I have made an 8-bit breadboard CPU. RAM, ALU, control unit, registers were all built on a breadboard and its ROM was programmed using Arduino. It was a great learning experience for all four of us. I also wrote a small Interpreter. I work with Node.js on backend and React.js on the frontend and Docker for microservices. I have built projects like a bot sending Netlify build updates to the telegram, a bot to color black and white images, a web app that can predict the shape drawn.
Rohit Sethi
Machine Learning Engineer, Sport Programmer
I am a Machine Learning Engineer who loves Mathematics. My eagerness of learning and applying theoretical knowledge drives me. Other things that excite me are torturing data to reveal state of the art results. I have a never-ending love for algorithms be it from sorting algorithms to algorithms used in neural networks. I mostly work with Keras for deep learning but I have a bit knowledge of tensorflow too. For data science, I use scikit-learn, pandas, dask, plotly, bokeh, numpy,matplotlib, seaborn. I am a competent and confident individual who knows how to deal with real-life problems be it with computer science or life situations.
Prince Mittal
Web Developer, Competitive Programmer
I am a Web Developer. I work with Node.js on the backend and Angular on the frontend. I have build projects like a web chat application, a telegram bot to tell the demographic recognition features of a person and many on the way. I am a versatile programmer, picking up tools and languages on the go when required. I also love to implement theoretical knowledge into my real life.