Day 41

Realised there are gaps in my learning. So started relearning HTML and CSS from scratch.

Day 40

Tried using bulma CSS framework. Learned using template literals for dynamic class names in React.

Day 39

Struggled with responsive header in antd. Searched about more reponsive frameworks, there pros and cons. Reading and trying react-bootstrap finally decided on using bulma. Made some mockups for PublicLab.

Day 38

Learned about styled components and Context, and Hooks in React.

Day 37

Studied antd(Ant Design), realised there is no responsive header or navigation component in antd. Tried implementing a responsive header in antd.

Day 36

Studied more about Material UI and came to conclusion that it is too much opniniated, I do not like its style of writing CSS in JS. Moved from writing UI in Material UI back to antd.

Day 35

Took a time out to relearn CSS and HTML Layouts. Read about material design layout grid(Columns, gutters, and margins).

Day 34

Not much of work today. Continued writing ohio’s frontend.

Day 33

Designed layout for ohio’s frontend and learned layout in ‘antd’.

Day 32

Completed the stress buster enter button. Crashed my laptop two times in the process, so was shit scared. Gave an online aptitude test for an internship. Started writing UI in React for ohio.