Day 21

Learned about routing in react(client and server side). Started learning client side react routing using react-router. Also read a bit about how react-router works using history library. Read further about webpack and how its better than browserify.

Day 20

Read and learned about webpack. Why use webpack and how it is better than other bundlers. Learned concepts like tree shaking, deduplication and dynamic loading in webpack.

Day 19

Completed Random Quote Generator, made using React. Planned about next React project. It will be a Markdown Editor or a service that helps in corverting or forwarding http API endpoints to https. Link Note: Insecure content will be blocked, click on the icon and then click ‘load unsafe scripts’.

Day 18

Looked into Publiclab.Editor repo and ran local Publiclab.Editor with plots2 as mock server. Learned how to use a local repo as npm package. Also read about shims.

Day 17

Learned a bit of LaTex to update the resume. Wrote a blog on Compiling Darknet on Arch.

Day 16

Started a blog on compiling darknet on Arch. Thought about workflow of our team’s SIH 2019 project.

Day 15

How to generate source maps in grunt-browserify using builtin browserify debug option. How can I integrate Continuous Integration (CI), using Travis CI, in website to check for image links and verify front matter.

Day 14

Not much of work or learning today. Looked in PublicLb.Editor repo and continued work on Random Quote Generator.

Day 13

Completed the tutorial App, learned basics of Material UI, enough to start next project. Started making a Random Quote Generator in React. Read and implemented CSS animations.

Day 12

Ran Tensorflow Object Detection and MobileNet SSD. Tried implementing color detection in object(person) detected by MobileNet SSD. Started a tutorial to build a simple webapp using Material-UI in React. Target isto get familiar with Material-UI so as to make a Random Quote Generator as listed on freeCodeCamp.