Day 31

Started a new React project. Applied few more internships.

Day 30

Revised concepts of React and mongoDB. Gave interview for internship at ‘So Delhi’. Made a DIY flex sensor and a stress buster ‘Enter Button’. Relearned how to use dfu-programmer to flash firmware on Arduino.

Day 29

Revised and practised mongoDB and Docker for interview. Delpoyed ohio on wedeploy using docker. Fixed some deployment bugs related to ohio. Fixed the quote API link in Random Quote Generator with that of ohio’s.

Day 28

Named ‘forwarding http get requests to https’ project to ohio. Completed ohio’s backend. Deployment of this project and adding a complementing frontend is left. Also started prepration for fullstack internship interview at ‘So Delhi’.

Day 27

Completed majority work of project forwarding http get requests to https. Today I also used closure while implementing a module and feeling of implementing a textbook method is impeccable. Solved a first-timer in Public/plots2.

Day 26

Today also I worked on the project forwarding http get requests to https. I really need to give this some name. Learned about URL module in Node.js and using util.promisify to wrap error-first callback style function into a promise. Read about making a DIY flex resistor.

Day 25

Planned and started working on the project for forwarding http get requests to https. Learned about piping get request to express response. Realised there was no need to use node-proxy. Leaned about redis and is Node.js client node-redis.

Day 24

Documented SIH 2019 idea. Refactored code for object detection in Python.

Day 23

Implemented react-router-dom, learning about Secret Routes. Applied for internships.

Day 22

Implemented react-router-dom in an example app. Learnt about Router, Link, Route, Route Authentication and match API in react-router.