Day 19

Added About us page in blog website and read more documentation of PROBOT.

Day 18

Today I read blog on how to make an Instagram bot to show insta images on a website and a blog on PROBOT and read how to make commit, create a pull request and how to review a pull request using Github Developer API, although understand nothing 😝 .

Day 17

Today I did some work on nodejs project and read about XML AJAX and browserify to implement require() on client side.

Day 16

Today I did some work on PLEditor, try to understand the workflow and how modules communicate each other and did some work on Todo app in angular.

Day 15

Today continuing with angular learning, learn forms in angular. Learn Reactive form, Template-driven form, form validation and Dynamic forms.

Day 14

Today’s not a learning day just do masti with mah friends, but still continuing my angular learning. Learn Built in structural directives NgClass, NgStyle, NgForOf, NgSwitch and template expression operators.

Day 13

Worked on angular project, building Todo app and do some work on nodejs project.

Day 12

Today I learnt nothing new but revise my previous concepts of angular. Started building Todo App in angular.

Day 11

Today I was lazy as i just watched movies and did what my heart said so did coding a bit. Continuing angular learning, learn Event binding, Target event, Class binding, Style binding, one way binding, two way binding and started a new angular course.

Day 10

Continuing with angular learning, completed my basic angular course by building Tour of Heroes. While building this app learn Application Shell, Services implementation, Routing , and some about of HttpClient. Today basically perform post(), put(), delete() methods of HttpClient, configured in-memory-web Api, use pipe the Observable for Error Handling.