Started the Day with finding a new Project to accomplish on Day 3 of 100DaysOfCode . And yes i found one, then what? dealt with all the programming stuff and after all the efforts was finally able to achieve good results.


I, Rohit Sethi swear to complete #100DaysOfCode to the best of my ability and with true spirit.

Task Completed

On Day 3, I did the following :-

Studied in detail and Applied yolov2 algorithm with pre trained weights on random images.


On Day 3, I learnt the following :-

  1. How anchor boxes in yolov2 are used.

  2. Non-max supression with IoU thresholds.

  3. Assigning different colors to each class and drawing the bounding boxes with labels on images.

  4. And yes, Not to lose hope.

link to the work on Day 3 here