Today i had my interview at IIT-Delhi for the position of research associate. I was asked a lot of mathematics and was grilled with practical deep learning questions which i crossed intelligently. I was selected for the next round But unfortunately they canceled the internship drive as they wanted graduates to work for them and i being a undergraduate was underqualified. It was a great experience for me, It built me confidence for any further interviews. Now, I will apply for various other internships and work on the gaps left in my learning.


I, Rohit Sethi swear to complete #100DaysOfCode to the best of my ability and with true spirit.

Task Completed

On Day 15, I did the following :-

Studied in-detail mathematics and tried to find a way handling very large datasets to feed into huge models.


On Day 15, I learnt the following :-

  1. Confidence is the Key to a good interview.

  2. Identified gaps in my learning.