There is no end to learning, but doing what is learned is essential to grasp it. So did i today, when i did course on deep learning there was a assignment on Neural Style Transfer but there then i followed the instructions provided. Today i decided to write Neural Style Transfer from Scratch.


I, Rohit Sethi swear to complete #100DaysOfCode to the best of my ability and with true spirit.

Task Completed

On Day 11, I did the following :-

Used a pre-trained VGG16 to transfer a content image into a new Style with 10 epochs. 


On Day 11, I learnt the following :-

  1. A New edge to losses and how pre trained networks can be used to get a desired output.

  2. Introduced myself to something new keras.backend.gradient.

  3. Programming in Keras while still being in tensorflow.

link to the work on Day 11 here